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The Vineyard

Autumn's Harvest Vineyard has 2 acres of cold-climate wine-grape

vines. Our varities include: Petite Pearl, Marquette, Sabrevois,

LaCrescent, Briana, Itasca, and Lacrosse.  My vineyard is managed

in a sustainable manner which is healthier for the environment and

produces exceptional quality grapes. Great wines begin in the

vineyard, and we take pride in our intensive hands-on approach to

ensuring we produce the highest quality grapes possible. All grapes

are estate-grown to ensure only the best quality.

We grow cold-climate grape varieties because they can survive

winters in portions of New York where winter temperatures

occasionally dip to 20 degrees F or more below zero. These vines are

also more resistant to disease. Of equal importance, cold-climate

grapes produce exceptional wines that have depth, complexity,

character, and tremendous flavor. Many varieties provide very

fruit-forward wines

Every effort is applied to grow the best quality grapes possible.

Extensive canopy management is utilized to expose grape clusters to

sunshine, which allows the grapes to fully ripen providing optimal


Tours of the vineyard are available upon request. We take pride in

our vineyard and are happy to share our viticultural approach and

knowledge with our guests.

"You can make bad wine with great grapes but you can't make

great wine with bad grapes"

Robert Mondavi

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