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Producing good wine is a blend of art and science.


Great wine starts in the vineyard,  great wine needs the best quality grapes to reach its full potential. Good winemakers work with the grapes to enhance the natural flavors and characteristics. My vineyard has dense clay soils which produces rich, structured, fruit forward wines.

We use commercial yeast to complete fermentation. Commercial yeast provide for a more consistent fermentation, and far fewer problems are likely to occur. We choose the yeast specifically to match the grape variety to enhance the desired flavor profile.  We do cool temperature fermentations for our white wines which maximizes the level of aromatics and flavors present in the final wine.

We use minimal filtering to limit the possibility that important components may be removed from the wine.

The most important question about wine is: Do You Like It!

What we offer:

Petite Pearl is one of the most vinifera-like cold-hardy grapes. Petite pearl has rich, substantial tannins with flavors of spice, attractive earthy aromas and jammy fruits like black currant, black cherry, and black raspberry.

​Marquette is complex with notes of blackberry, black cherry, black currant, black pepper and spice. Moderate tannins make for an easy-drinking wine.


​Sabrevois is rich and fruity with soft tannins and lower acidity.

​La Crescent has intense and delicious apricot, peach, and citrus notes enhanced with notes of honey. The aromatics are big and bright with fruit and floral notes. 

Itasca has notes of pear, melon, and subtle honey. The nose is enhanced with minerality and floral notes. 

Briana has tropical fruit, stone fruit, and grapefruit notes. The aromatics are floral notes with lots of pineapple.

​Ciders include: hopped, raspberry, cherry, and lemon.


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